Non-Commercial Foodservice Showing Signs of Growth

Non-commercial accounted for 34 percent of total foodservice sales in 2012.

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Non-commercial operations accounted for 34 percent of total U.S. foodservice sales in 2012, garnering more than $200 billion in sales (retail sales equivalent), according to foodservice research firm Technomic's Top 1000 Noncommercial report.

In 2013, Technomic expects the strongest (nominal) growth in the healthcare (4.5 percent) and business & industry (4.0 percent) subsegments. As a whole, noncommercial foodservice operations are forecasted to grow 3.7 percent.

Technomic defines the noncommercial segment as including colleges & universities, K-12 school districts, healthcare, retail meal solutions, convenience stores, travel centers, lodging/hotels, recreation, travel, business & industry, military, corrections, daycare, group purchasing organizations, and foodservice management firms.

"Noncommercial foodservice players are looking to other segments like fast casual to adopt best practices," says Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic, Inc. "More consumers want food that is high quality, fresh and flavorful. Whether they are traveling, attending school or work or just concerned about their children's school lunches, they've come to expect better options and operators need to deliver it."

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