How to Know When to Replace a Rotisserie

The volume and type of product can impact the service life of a rotisserie.

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A rotisserie can exhibit a variety of signs that it might be time to replace the unit. Here we take a look at four factors that may mean it's time to replace a rotisserie.

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Damaged Metal: With gas units, sulphur becomes low-grade sulphuric acid that can eat through most stainless steel. If the unit experiences extensive damage as a result of this, the foodservice operator should consider replacing the oven.

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Excessive Wear and Tear: One key benefit rotisseries offer is allowing the customer to see the product as it cooks. If the unit is old and showing excessive wear and tear, it is not showcasing the product effectively and should be retired.

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Mechanical Component Failure: Although rotisseries have fairly simple mechanical components, they can fail over time and with extensive use. If this occurs, a new unit may be warranted.

Quality Issues: If product quality is poor or inconsistent, and the rotisserie is near the end of its service life, it should be put out of service.

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