Maintaining a Rotisserie

The cleaner a rotisserie is the longer and more efficiently it will operate.

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By the nature of its cooking process, grease buildup can impact a rotisserie's service life.

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Foodservice operators should consider a number of factors when maintaining these units.

  • Foodservice staff can clean a rotisserie by applying a degreaser and hosing out the interior cabinet with water.
  • Staff can remove some components, such as the spits, and wash them in the sink or dishwashing machine. Operators should check with the manufacturer for component cleaning recommendations.
  • Periodic cleaning of the firebox ashes, convection fan blade and food racks is necessary.
  • Models with heated cabinets are designed to withstand more caustic cleaners, carbonization and corrosive fats, but damage can result if proper cleaning is not performed.
  • Some higher end models offer a cavity self-cleaning function that can minimize labor requirements.

There are solutions available that can be sprayed on rotisserie ovens before cooking is performed and then wiped off at the end of the day. These prevent grease adherence to the metal.

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