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Chef Robert Simmelink

What is your role at Alto-Shaam?

I work as an executive chef. My job includes training our rep chefs, dealers and customers in how they can make the most out of their Alto-Shaam gear. I split my time between Alto-Shaam’s world headquarters in Wisconsin and visiting and cooking with customers on the West Coast.

What makes Alto-Shaam different from other places you have worked?

Alto-Shaam is truly a family company. We place a strong emphasis on quality and service, and everyone lives by those values in order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We want to create true solutions and lasting relationships with all of our customers.

Alto-Shaam introduced a new product category at NAFEM. Just what is a multi-cook oven?

Alto-Shaam’s newest oven, the Vector™ Series Multi-Cook Oven, is essentially four ovens in one. You can cook four foods at four different temperatures and fan speeds. The oven has a small footprint and has four individually controlled compartments that are accessed by one door.

Can you really cook at different temperatures? How?

The magic of this oven is its Structured Air Technology™. Structured Air Technology optimizes and focuses heat through high-velocity, vertical upward and downward flow. This unique air flow even prevents a blast of heat when the door opens. Vector ovens also compensate for the door opening and closing with virtually no heat loss.

How does this benefit a foodservice operator?

Complete versatility. You can cook shrimp and eggs while simultaneously baking biscuits and chocolate cake at the proper temperatures without any flavor transfer. You also have superior evenness, which is a huge benefit when it comes to baking food. Chefs have to rotate pans to get an even finish with a convection oven. Now there is a uniform finish without having to go into the oven to turn the pans, saving chef’s time and labor. And the oven has higher production – you can cook up to twice the amount of food in the Vector than you can in a convection oven in the same amount of time.

What type of operations would most benefit from the Vector?

Many operations will benefit from the Vector, but we see it being especially valuable for convenience stores, fast casual/quick service restaurants, hospitals, stadiums, and colleges and universities.

How can someone see this new product in action before bringing into their kitchen?

You can visit to request a demo or visit Alto-Shaam’s booth at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago in May.

Learn more about the Vector Multi-Cook Oven. Visit to watch product videos or to request a demo.