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refrigerated displayAlthough 80 percent of purchases are based on what is seen, smelled and heard, sometimes what the eye does not perceive can be just as important in a selling environment.

This is often the case with food displays, which may require equipment that completely blends with the environment, rather than dominates it. The objective in this case is to build, or hide, these units into walls and counters to better highlight the food being merchandised. When achieved effectively, these displays stimulate impulse sales, as it’s the food, not the hardware, that is emphasized. It’s all about creating a “window of fresh” that customers can’t resist.

At the same time, this approach is about turning non-revenue-generating space into opportunities to increase sales. For example, a storage space can be turned into a profit center for high-margin fresh foods with simply a counter and refrigerated display underneath. When this type of display is strategically placed in an operation, like near the POS station or in a serving line, customers surely won’t be able to resist the appealing fresh food selections.

refrigerated display

Building refrigerated equipment into walls or counters doesn’t come without challenges. Traditionally, this merchandising method required custom equipment with a high price tag and long lead time. This is no longer the case, as standard, affordable refrigerated display models are now available to support this successful selling approach.

Below are some of the challenges that should be considered when selecting display equipment:

ChallengeStandard Equipment Solution — Look for…
Refrigeration ventilation and the need for distracting vents in walls or front of counters Display equipment with top mount refrigeration systems that breathe and provide access from the top of the display.
Keeping the display full throughout the day Rear doors and/or drawers expedite checking the level of food in the display and provide easy access for loading.
Keeping the display secure when the operation is closed Roll down locking security covers that store in the equipment when not in use.
Effective lighting in the display LED lights that are bright, last a lot longer than T8s and use less energy to operate.
Reliable refrigeration performance for safe product temperatures 24/7 Display equipment designed for NSF Type II environments. This involves robust refrigeration designs that operate in higher ambient environments.


refrigerated display