How a Parts Program Can Maximize Your Uptime

Equipment downtime is every operator’s nightmare. Turning hungry customers away can not only lead to direct loss of sales but can also affect future business, potentially across multiple locations. After all, customers crave consistency. If you can’t reliably deliver the standard of service your customers expect, they’ll find someone who can – and never look back.

That’s why maximizing your uptime should be at the top of your priorities. Multi-unit operators like you simply can’t afford to pay the price for excessive equipment downtime.

The good news is that it’s easy to maximize equipment uptime with a consolidated parts program that can help you streamline operations, cut costs and minimize downtime. By partnering with a reliable single-source parts distributor such as Heritage Parts, you can get back to running your business.

Parts Availability

The average restaurant has 25 to 30 pieces of commercial food equipment spanning 12 to 25 different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Commercial kitchens are complicated, but finding the part you need doesn’t have to be.

Heritage stocks parts from more than 800 OEMs and provides 99 percent parts identification accuracy and same-day shipping for in-stock parts. All in-stock orders placed Saturday shipping Next-Day Air will arrive on Monday, and Second-Day Air arrives Tuesday. Whether you need a critical part or one of those rare parts that seem to break only at the most inconvenient times, you can relax knowing you have one go-to source.

Ease of Doing Business

You have enough to manage in running your business without trying to monitor the countless moving parts that keep your kitchen operating. A consolidated parts program takes the guesswork out of repairing equipment, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Through Heritage, you’ll partner with a dedicated parts specialist who knows your business and understands your specific equipment and unique needs. Parts specialists work with operators to maintain an inventory of recommended parts to have on hand.

They’ll also keep reports and order histories to help you gain insight into your particular equipment usage so you can increase your equipment’s life cycle. The partnership between service agents and Heritage’s consolidated parts program creates an effective and invaluable team, helping to maximize your uptime.


For all the advantages of using a consolidated parts program, it’s no wonder operators often assume that ordering parts through a distributor will be more expensive than ordering them directly from the OEM. The truth is that distributors can offer parts at list price or even below through their relationships with OEMs and the power of buying wholesale.

Plus, if you need to order multiple parts for multiple locations, a consolidated parts program gives you the convenience of having one place for order placement, delivery and invoicing, saving you time and money.

Combine the costs saved with the short- and long-term loss you can prevent by minimizing equipment downtime and the answer becomes clear: Using a consolidated parts program is the smartest solution for your bottom line.

Get Started

As you can see, the best way to maximize your uptime is to partner with someone with a consolidated parts program. You’ll save time and money by ordering from a single source that stocks parts from hundreds of OEMs, all under one roof, and ships in-stock parts the same day. Plus, parts specialists can help you gain insight into your particular equipment usage, so you can make smart decisions about what parts to keep on hand and how to maximize your equipment’s lifecycle. 

Learn more about how Heritage Parts can help your bottom line by visiting or call 1-800-458-5593 to speak with a dedicated parts specialist.