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Here are eight helpful tips foodservice operators can use to enhance fresh food presentation by creating a dramatic visual presentation that shoppers find hard to resist.

Effective merchandising is all about stimulating the desire to purchase. What consumers see, smell and hear directly affects what they will decide to buy, since 60 percent of food quality perception is based on their environment. Shapes, colors, textures, props and, most of all, creativity can make displays more enticing to customers. Here are eight proven merchandising ideas.

Tip 1

TIP #1: Black Interior
Not only does a black display interior minimize the appearance of hardware, but it also allows fresh, colorful product to stand out. This approach draws the consumer's eye to the food, while the display case disappears.

Tip 2

TIP #2: Glass Shelves
Clear shelving allows light to filter throughout the display, so food appears to float. Compared to wire racks, glass shelves are more flexible when it comes to using specialty serving items and merchandising props.

Tip 3

TIP #3: Tiered and Angled Shelving
Because allowing customers to see as much of the fresh food as possible represents a key merchandising objective, tiered shelving provides maximum product visibility on every level. This setup also prevents product from being hidden under the shelf above.

Tip 4

TIP #4: Removable Shelves
An effective display offers the flexibility to adjust or remove shelves to accommodate the variety of merchandise operators offer and customers seek.

Tip 5

TIP #5: Mirrored Interior Ends and Rear Doors
Mirrors make the display appear larger and fuller, which enhances the customer's perception of freshness as well as increases impulse purchases.

Tip 6

TIP #6: Specialty Serving Ware
Utilizing specialty serving ware upgrades the display appearance, while adding visually stimulating color.

Tip 7

TIP #7: Create a Fresh Image
Combining a variety of single-serving foods on a large platter, rather than on several small plates, creates a strong image of freshness.

Tip 8

TIP #8: Create a Theme
Create eye-catching themes by adding merchandising props, such as artificial flowers, greenery, colorful fabrics or bottles of wine.