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Combination Grab-and-Go/Preparation Display Units


A combination grab-and-go, preparation display allows foodservice operators to prepare menu items in front of the customer to emphasize freshness by offering pre-packaged, grab-and-go foods and made-to-order items. In addition to streamlining customer selections and traffic flow, using this type of unit allows the customer to see and experience the natural and wholesome freshness of the food being prepared. This style of display is great for salad, sushi, sandwich and pizza preparation.


Combination grab-and-go/preparation displays are available in lengths ranging from 4 to 8 feet. The rear preparation area includes refrigerated condiment pans with a double airflow design to ensure safe and consistent temperatures throughout the entire pan. The storage area below the work space can be refrigerated or non-refrigerated. Specify food shields to ship with the display or apply specialty food guards in the field. Standard interior lighting optimizes the appeal of the food items. This unit is certified to NSF 7 for safe product temperatures in all refrigerated areas.

For more information on this style of food display case and the many options that can be selected, refer to Structural Concepts's webpage:

Built-In Counter Displays


Another type of display that commands attention is a built-in counter display. These models completely blend with their surroundings by sliding in between and under the counter surface. As a result, customers only see fresh, easy-to-access food. By sliding under the counter, the unit leaves precious space for customer interaction and point of sale equipment. These plug-and-play models include self-contained refrigeration systems.


Counter grab-and-go models come in lengths ranging from three to six feet and feature LED lighting and a refrigeration system designed to operate in higher ambient conditions (NSF Type II conditions). The units are certified to NSF 7 to safely hold refrigerated food items. The line also comes in a version that holds milk crates, which is ideal for school serving lines.

For more information on this style of food display case and the options that are available, refer to Structural Concepts CO Counter Case models on its website —

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All Structural Concepts refrigerated displays feature the one-of-a-kind Breeze or Breeze-E slide out refrigeration system. These systems are the first of this kind to use flexible refrigeration lines to facilitate easy slide out for routine maintenance and service. Along with this innovation, all displays include the EnergyWise design. EnergyWise reduces daily energy consumption by at least 50 percent to save significant dollars in annual energy costs.

Look for these advancements and others in Structural Concepts food display cases.