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It was a typical Sunday for San Diego’s RA Sushi Bar, part of a chain of 25 restaurants owned by Miami-based Benihana.

Until it wasn’t. Until it became an emergency for the restaurant, on the ground level of a historic building in the heart of the city.

Until a catastrophic failure of the eatery’s steel grease trap. Until the failure caused major backups in the basement.

“Initially, we were able to mitigate the problem for a short period, (until we decided on a course of action),” says Bill Supinski, RA Sushi’s project manager for construction and facilities. “We had met representatives of Thermaco at a recent Orlando, Fla., trade show. They introduced us to the Trapzilla grease interceptor and its revolutionary design.”

Oil used in sushi prepThe San Diego County Department of Environmental Health recommended Trapzilla as a way to solve the problem.

Supinski and his team decided to reach out to Thermaco, maker of the effective, innovative grease trap.

“We were able to mobilize in a short time frame to determine what type of equipment would be required for RA Sushi’s location,” says Yaralitza Erives, Thermaco’s customer service manager. “Our first action was to contact the San Diego sewer district, who confirmed Trapzilla was approved and could be installed.”

It took just five days for Thermaco to deliver the system from its North Carolina’s headquarters to San Diego. Thermaco helped coordinate the installation with a local contractor and, fewer than 24 hours after delivery, Trapzilla was up and running.

“Our last grease trap lasted only seven years,” Supinski says. “Trapzilla’s materials are non-corrosive to help them last longer, plus this system offers a performance level with a capacity that exceeds traditional grease-trap designs.”

RA Sushi’s Trapzilla grease interceptor provides increased efficiency in a smaller package, which allows for an easy fit in the limited basement space.

“The cooperative effort by Thermaco to assist us in an emergency situation and the quick availability of this product was invaluable,” Supinski says. “To top it off, Trapzilla’s performance has exceeded our expectations.”

Content sponsored
by: Thermaco