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Producing Quality Food with FWE

Brian-BauerQ&A with Brian Bauer, President, Professional Reps

 Do you see a greater demand for quality in c-store food these days?

Brian Bauer: There is absolutely a greater demand for quality. You're seeing better-quality products, beyond just hot dogs. Now they offer items like barbecued pork sandwiches, specialty pizzas and handmade sandwiches. Customers look at c-store food differently. They look for high-quality product at an extreme value — both convenient and cost effective.

Is the overall perception of c-stores different today than it was previously?

BB: Definitely. New buildings, clean working area, welcoming staff — those are things changing the perception of c-stores today. Major c-stores are investing a lot of money into advertising this perception, which compliments the industry as a whole. C-stores are now viewed as a location where customers wish to buy freshly made food in addition to just gas.

How can FWE's products help c-stores serve quality food?

BB: Take FWE's Cook & Hold Oven, for example. It allows c-stores to prep less often, cook more products and have it FWE Compact-LCHR-1220-4-Low-Temp-Cook-and-Hold-Radient-HeatThe FWE 1220 Low Temp Cook & Hold Oven delivers big performance in a size that’s perfect for countertop or undercounter use.readily available for rush times. For c-stores, it all comes down to product availability. When the stock runs out, the Cook & Hold allows for fast replenishment. The Cook & Hold can cook multiple products in larger quantities. When the floor display is empty, they've got a quick refill so they're not losing sales.

FWE is one of the best manufacturers to work with and offers one of the highest-quality products in the industry, with an expanding product line. It's extremely reliable — a product that you buy and never have to look back.