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Says Who? - Eric Norman, FCSI, vice president, MVP Services Group

One of the younger members of the industry and yet already a veteran, Eric Norman decided to go the foodservice consultant route at the young age of 22, joining his father Ed Norman’s full-time at the family consulting business. Now as vice president of the firm Norman oversees a plethora of projects both locally and nationally, including many K-12 school foodservice jobs. Eric is an active member of FCSI, including having earned his FCSI professional designation and leading the next generation of consultants through the Association’s ICON group for emerging professionals. He has also contributed opinion articles and blog posts to FE&S in the past.

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sayswho_background Eric Norman

FE&S: What keeps you working in the foodservice industry?

Eric Norman: The people. I have met and had the chance to work with so many amazing people, many of whom I believe will be lifelong friends.

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FE&S: Would you encourage your children to work in this business?

Eric Norman: I would definitely encourage my son to work in this business. My father encouraged me and became my mentor and I will definitely do the same with my son.

FE&S: Who was the person that influenced your career most?

Eric Norman: My father. He brought me into this business as an intern right out of high school and through college. I then started full time with the firm right after college and he has been my teacher and mentor ever since.

FE&S: What aspect of your career gives you the greatest sense of accomplishment?

Eric Norman: I get the greatest sense of accomplishment from seeing a project go from conception through to successful completion. This process can take years in some instances so the payoff can take a while but it is very gratifying to see the results of all the hard work put in by the project team.

FE&S: What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Eric Norman: The best advice I ever received was to actively meet and socialize with people and build a solid network. This advice has afforded me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and listen and learn from these individuals which has only helped me in my career.

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