Jim Zink is a managing partner for Zink Foodservice Group, an Ohio-based manufacturers’ rep firm. A second generation member of the foodservice industry, Jim joined the business his father Skip started in 1977. Jim is also a previous recipient of FE&S’ Top Achiever—Rep Award and remains very active in the foodservice industry and various charitable endeavors.

sayswho_background Jim Zink

FE&S: If you were not working in foodservice, what would you be doing?

Jim Zink: I’d be in B2B sales in another industry.

FE&S: Who was the person that influenced your career most?

Jim Zink: My father, Skip Zink.

FE&S: What aspect of your career gives you the greatest sense of accomplishment?

Jim Zink: Satisfying our customers! Whether it’s the manufacturers we represent, the dealer, consultant, or the operator, it’s a great feeling to know that your involvement made a difference in an outcome.

FE&S: What do you look for in a business partner?

Jim Zink: Someone you can trust. Someone that brings a different skill set than your own. Someone that shares your goals and objectives. I am very fortunate to have that with my partner, Mike McGuire.

FE&S: What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Jim Zink: Ask the right questions and be a great listener!

FE&S: If I were just starting out in the foodservice industry, what advice would you give me?

Jim Zink: Take a genuine interest in your customer’s success and personal success will surely follow.

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