Scott Reitano is a veteran of the foodservice industry with more than 25 years of experience, including a strong manufacturers’ rep background and a reputation for innovative design, creative solutions and high-level client interaction. Reitano first worked for Hobart Corp. as a district manager after graduating from Miami University in Ohio. He later joined SESCO as a manufacturers’ rep, becoming senior partner of the organization in 1996 and president in 2002. Ready to pursue new challenges, Reitano purchased Foodservice Solution Group in 2007, where he continues to serve as principal. A family man, he lives with his wife Lori, and seven-year-old daughter in Indianapolis, while his 21-year-old son is a senior at Anderson University.

sayswho_background Scott Reitano

FE&S: What keeps you working in the foodservice industry?

Scott Reitano: The wonderful opportunity to work hand-in-hand with clients that are excited about their new or renovated facility and the customer base they serve. Our architect partners bring a passion to their work and are true teammates through the design process. Last, but not least, I love the folks I work with everyday at Foodservice Solution Group. They are wonderful people and are truly committed to taking care of our clients.

FE&S: Who was the person that influenced your career most?

Scott Reitano: My father, Jim Reitano, has been the greatest influence in my career and in my life. I was blessed to work with my dad for thirteen years and the lessons learned over that time still guide me today. There is not a single day that goes by that I do not reference something my father taught me through words or deeds. He is my inspiration in life, even today.

FE&S: Who in the foodservice industry do you admire most?

Scott Reitano: Jim Webb. Jim runs his business and lives his life with great integrity. He also meshes his passion and creativity in wonderful ways as he serves his clients, his partners and his team. I have known of Jim and his work for many years, but I have more recently had the opportunity to get to know him well and have received a great deal of wise counsel from him. I cherish his friendship.

FE&S: What type of charitable activities are you involved in?

Scott Reitano: Foodservice Solution Group strives to be an active member of the community in which we live and work. We believe it is important to use our time, talent and treasures to serve others within our community. To that end, we offer our services and expertise to community-serving organizations, agencies and ministries as the opportunities arise.

FE&S: What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Scott Reitano: My grandfather, John Turco, offered me sage advice over twenty years ago. He said, “I don’t care how glamorous it sounds to be traveling here and there or staying at fancy hotels, if you are away from your family you are working 24 hours a day.” Those wise words have guided me well through many decisions large and small and have served as a constant reminder of the importance of family over business in my life.