2013 Industry Forecast Webcast for 2014

In this hour-long webcast, FE&S will took a deeper dive into the results from our 2014 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Industry Forecast Study, which was based on data provided by the magazine’s operator and dealer subscribers.

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Moderator Joe Carbonara spoke with a pair of foodservice industry experts who offered their perspective on the industry’s performance to date for 2013 and provided a glimpse into operating conditions for 2014 as well as identified industry segments that should continue to excel in the coming years.

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Joe Carbonara
Joe Carbonara
Editor in Chief,
FE&S Magazine
Hudson Riehle

Hudson Riehle
Vice President of the Knowledge and Research Group
National Restaurant Association

As the Senior Vice President of the Research and Information Services Division for the National Restaurant Association, Hudson Riehle directs the Association’s consumer, economic, market, human resources, tourism and operations research as well as oversees its extensive information services and library activities. Frequently cited in major national and international newspapers and appearing on major national television broadcasts, he has authored a variety of articles and serves as an information source and spokesperson for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Darren Tristano

Darren Tristano
Executive Vice President

Darren Tristano is an Executive Vice President at Technomic, Inc. Since 1993, Darren has led the development and growth of Technomic’s Information Services division, while also serving as an industry expert and analyst in Technomic’s Restaurant Operator Practice.

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