C-F50-NG Gas Fryer

Migali-FryerMigali Industries Inc.

The C-F50-NG commercial natural gas fryer is designed with a 50-pound capacity oil tank and includes 2 wire mesh chrome baskets. It features a polished stainless steel exterior and interior with chrome accents and stainless steel legs. The thermostat maintains cooking temperatures of up to 400 degrees F. 


Bali Mills

Peugot-BALI-33200---BALI-framboise---MP-detourePeugeot (PSP USA)

Petite 3-inch acrylic Bali Mills feature clean lines, a colorful base and a clear acrylic head with brushed stainless knob. Made in France, the line has a modern style and durable construction. Six new colors are available, including black, slate and raspberry pepper mills and white, sea green and blush pink salt mills. 


Whipped Crème Dispenser

Stoelting-PRO CW2-37B ss 01 2017-01-03Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Co., LLC

The CW2 Whipped Crème Dispenser can dispense whipped cream manually or with a preset dispense. It has a 2.11-quart capacity and settings for the desired product texture. 


Sensor Faucet

TS-Brass-EC-3104T&S Brass and Bronze Works

Sensor faucets are designed to fit 4-inch center-to-center, 2-hole lavatory sinks. The line includes redesigned mounting hardware that allows operators to replace existing two-hole faucets with hygienic sensor faucets. Water-resistant control modules with internal flow control switches, customizable auto time-out and shut-off delay settings and a mechanical temperature mixing valve are featured. 


Simpli-Flex Ice Cream Cone Dispenser

Tomlinson-Industries-Ice-cream-cone-dispenserTomlinson Industries

Simpli-Flex Ice Cream Cone Dispensers organize and dispense cake cones, waffle cones, sugar cones and more. These dispensers are self-adjusting to accommodate cones with a 1-3/8- to 3-3/8-inch lip diameter and hold them snugly without causing damage. The line is available in polished stainless steel and gray-tinted plastic with wall, stand, in-counter or undercounter mounting capabilities. 



Vertex-BaristaVertex China

The Barista collection’s pieces are designed with identical handles that blend together for a uniform and consistent appearance. The line includes espresso cups, coffee cups, 
cappuccino cups, mugs and saucers. 


Stella Vogue

BelidnaVilleroy & Boch

Stella Vogue dinnerware has a delicate, round shape made of fine bone porcelain and includes warm matte gold highlights. Products range from flat plates in various sizes and patterns to large, deep plates and bottom plates with underplates. The underplate and bread plate are available both in white relief as well as in white relief with matte gold detailing. 


MercoMax Visual Holding Cabinet

Welbilt-MercoWelbilt Inc.

MercoMax Visual Holding Cabinets combine radiant heat beneath the shelves and forced-air convection from fans above each holding zone. A 7-inch touchscreen display shows what’s being held and its status. A temperature reading is taken from inside the cabinet. 


Non-insulated Dutch Door Heater Proofer

Winholt-PR-Dutch-Door-Heater-Proofer-NHPL-1833-ECOC-2DWin-Holt Equipment

The Non-insulated Dutch Door Heater Proofer features a Lexan door designed to reduce heat loss, per the manufacturer. Adjustable heat and humidity controls are included. The cabinet has aluminum construction with corner bumpers. It provides 1440 watts of heating power. 


Insulated Humidified Cabinets

Vulcan-VHU-Humidified-CabinetVulcan, a division of ITW Food Equipment Group LLC

The VHU Series Insulated Humidified Cabinets automatically set the humidity when the temperature is set. A blower motor offers even temperature distribution. The unit includes electronic knob control with top-mounted digital display for holding at temperatures up to 200 degrees F. Field-reversible glass doors are standard. 


Garland XPress Grill


The Garland XPress Grill features a new design and upper and lower cook plates that allow operators to simultaneously cook menu items up to 2 inches high on both sides. Operators can choose from a variety of units including: a 12-inch one platen, 24-inch one or two platen and 36-inch one, two or three platen. An icon-based touchscreen enables operators to preset cook temperature and times for menu items. www.welbilt.com