Wooden Underliner

tomlinson industries underlinerTomlinson Industries

A wooden underliner allows 10-inch-by-7-inch oval cast iron serving skillets, pans and other hot items to transition from kitchens to tables. Made of cabinet-grade plywood, the line features an 18-mm thickness and items are stained and sealed on both the top and bottom using a food safe sealer and lacquer.


Grease Trapper ESP Pollution Control Unit

accurex esp electrostatic precipitator wblower openAccurex

The Grease Trapper ESP [electrostatic precipitator] Pollution Control Unit uses two electrostatic precipitator modules and carbon filters to remove grease, smoke and odors from the exhaust airstream. For solid fuel applications, three ESP modules and two carbon modules handle the cooking load. The plates capture and remove contaminants from the airstream, eliminating the need to change out filters. 


Stainless Steel Beer Boxes

advance tabcoAdvance Tabco

The Prestige series Stainless Steel Beer Boxes keep bottled beer cool and within reach in a drink serving station or high-volume bar. The 18-inch deep basin is insulated with 2-pound density Styrofoam. A perforated, removable false bottom, with a 1-inch IPS drain, contains melted ice. 


Steam Free Flex Condensing Boiler

bryan steam boilerBryan Steam LLC

The Steam Free Flex Ultra-High Efficiency Commercial Condensing Boiler offers a thermal efficiency of 95 percent, per the manufacturer, with a weld-free design. It permits field access to the heat exchanger for cleaning and tube replacement. The boiler is available in knockdown configurations to fit in smaller spaces and will operate in Low Flow, Variable-Primary or traditional Primary/Secondary designs. 


Space-Saver Hand Sink

eagle hsan10f 4cEagle Group

The Space-Saver Hand Sink has an overall side-to-side dimension of 12 inches. Constructed of type 304 stainless steel with a deep-drawn positive drain and narrow sink bowl, its inverted V edge helps prevent spillage. The sink’s gooseneck faucet mounts to a 19½-inch-high backsplash.


Antimicrobial Ice Devices

franke eco3ice in side 1 no labelFranke Foodservice Solutions

The EcO3Ice X1 antimicrobial ice device continuously treats water coming into ice machines to reduce microbial buildup, including bacteria, yeast and mold. The low-power unit is suitable for units producing nugget and flake ice. Bacteria in finished ice is reduced by cutting the number of necessary cleanings in half, per the manufacturer’s data.


Shallow Depth Back Bar Coolers

glastender ns40l bsGlastender Inc.

Remote narrow door, shallow depth back bar coolers measure 7¼ inches shallower than standard back bar cooler lines. Two, three or four 20-inch-wide doors come in a standard black vinyl-clad finish, along with stainless steel, back glass, stainless glass, laminated, laminated glass or unlaminated.


Electric Sandwich Grills

globe gpgs1410 300 dpiGlobe Food Equipment Co.

Electric sandwich grills are a mid-size combo unit with a cast-iron grooved top and smooth bottom plates. The grooved top provides grill marks for presentation, and the smooth bottom plate provides heat transfer, easy clean up and versatility for use as a griddle. Featuring stainless steel construction, the unit includes an adjustable-tension spring hinge and a 14½-inch-wide cooking surface.


Copper Collection

hlc copper pr image 6.8.17The Hall China Co.

Copper serveware and tabletop accessories evoke the rich color and appearance of metal, but are made with a ceramic ivory body base for heat retention and durability without tarnishing. The collection includes bowls, bakers, au gratin servers, trays, ramekins and sauce dishes.


Glo-Rite Curved Display Lights

hatcoHatco Corp.

Glo-Rite Curved Display Lights feature a curved design and LED lighting for illuminating food products. The unit features unobtrusive housing, uses a small footprint and allows visibility of the food below. Operators can choose from a variety of lengths and housing colors to match decor.