Glass Door Merchandisers

hoshizaki gdm 4 3000pxHoshizaki America Inc.

This line of glass door merchandisers includes an electronic controller with LED temperature display and audio/visual alarms, a stainless steel floor, and forced air evaporator for quick temperature pull down. The silver painted aluminum cabinets feature large low-emissions multipane glass doors and interior LED lights to brightly display packaged food and beverage products. Four models are available.


Elevation Series Cube Ice Maker

ice o maticIce-O-Matic

The Elevation Series Cube Ice Maker has a 30-inch-wide space-saving design. Producing up to 310 pounds of ice per day, the unit exceeds new 2018 Department of Energy regulations. Features include BPA-free plastic and recyclable parts, antimicrobial protection and one-touch controls for sanitizing and descaling. 


Plug and Play Ventilation System

marraforniMarra Forni

A customized plug and play ventilation system includes double-wall construction. The touchscreen-controlled ventilation has all UL listings needed to vent at high temperatures. Other features include 309 stainless steel construction, double-wall insulation and 
accessible cleanup.


Ivy Flourish Dinnerware

onedia ivyflourish detailOneida Ltd.

Ivy Flourish features a monochromatic palette of intricate vines and scrolls emerging from the larger rim. Suitable for fine dining, the line includes various sized plates, coffee and tea cups and three different bowls.


ConnectedCooking 2.0

rationalRational USA

An updated ConnectedCooking app provides a database of recipes, how-to videos, and tips and tricks from professional chefs that can be used regardless of whether the equipment connects to the internet. Operators can use PCs, smartphones and tablets to transfer personal cooking programs and thousands of recipes directly from the cloud onto appliances. 


Integra Dual Heat Warming System

spring usa iss 650 integra dual heat warming systemSpring USA Corp.

An overhead ceramic heat light and tempered glass warming tray together hold food between 105 degrees F and 250 degrees F. A power receptacle is in the back and three units can be daisy-chained into one 20-amp circuit. An LED lighted canopy highlights the food and acrylic can be customized with a laser engraved logo. 


EC-3105 Sensor Faucets

t&s ec 3105T&S Brass and Bronze Works

EC-3105 sensor faucets are designed for 4-inch center-to-center, wall-mount installations. This allows operators to replace wall-mounted manual two-hole faucets with efficient, hygienic sensor faucets without the need to alter existing hole configurations. The EC-3105 includes below-deck electronics. 


Wooden Underliner

tomlinson industries underlinerTomlinson Industries

A wooden underliner allows 10-inch-by-7-inch oval cast iron serving skillets, pans and other hot items to transition from kitchens to tables. Made of cabinet-grade plywood, the line features an 18-mm thickness and items are stained and sealed on both the top and bottom using a food safe sealer and lacquer.