Adjustable Table Height Worktable Upgrade

Advance-Tabco-TA-900Advance Tabco

Adjustable Table Height Upgrades alter worktable heights from 31 to 43 inches high. It is designed for use with the company’s worktables that have any tubular style legs. The upgrade is available only on worktables measuring between 24 and 72 inches left to right.


Stealth Tray Delivery Carts

Alluserve-ST2D1T16---Doors-Closed cAlluserv

Stealth Tray Delivery Carts roll on wide, cushion-tread casters featuring neoprene mount pads to reduce travel vibration. Isolation pads between the stainless steel cart base and the stainless steel vertical support posts further minimize travel vibration. Carts are available in single- and double-compartment models and come in a variety of tray capacity sizes.


Heated Shelf Merchandisers

Alto-Shaam-HSM-48-5S-foodAlto-Shaam Inc.

Merchandisers include individually controlled heated shelves to keep food warm. The units hold a variety of grab-and-go products, including rotisserie chickens, pizza and sandwiches. Countertop models come in 24-inch and 36-inch widths. Floor-standing units come in widths of 24, 36 and 48 inches.


Quick Response Controller

HeatcraftHeatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration

The Quick Response Controller is a factory-installed and tested control solution that provides automatic heat and defrost control for refrigeration unit coolers.


Refrigerated Equipment Stand

Hoshizaki-CRES110-1800x1200Hoshizaki Inc.

The 110-inch-wide refrigerated equipment stand includes a stainless steel worktop that has a 1,500-pound equipment capacity. The stand also includes a built-in ceramic heat shield. Four heavy-duty dynamic-load-rated drawers can each accommodate three full-size pans that measure six inches deep.


GiO Module

MeikoMeiko USA Inc.

The GiO Module is a reverse osmosis system for the M-iClean UM dishwasher. The water purification system fits underneath a work counter.


eikon e2s

Manitowoc-Eikon e2s Classic sideview openMerrychef-Welbilt

The eikon e2s high-speed oven prepares hot food on demand and features an icon-driven touchscreen. An energy-efficient standby mode helps minimize lifetime operational costs. The plug-and-play unit features ventless technology.


Competitor Series Refrigeration

MigaliMigali Industries Inc.

The Competitor Series commercial refrigeration uses R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant. Most models meet Energy Star 4.0 standards, per the manufacturer, and feature a digital microprocessor and stainless steel exterior and interior.


Mixing Bowl Rack/Dolly

New-Age-IndustrialNew Age Industrial Corp.

The Mixing Bowl rack/dolly holds a 30-quart mixing bowl at a working height. The unit features all-aluminum construction.


Scrap and Pot/Pan Collectors

SalvajorThe Salvajor Co.

The Scrap and Pot/Pan Collectors’ sensor technology is capable of detecting the presence of the operator, per the manufacturer. An auto start mode uses no water when the operator is away. The unit’s water saving mode uses ½ GPM of water if the operator leaves and includes an adjustable timer.


Salad Spinners

Sammic-salad-spinner-es-200Sammic Corp.

Salad spinners dry lettuce and other vegetables in 1 to 3 minutes at 900 revolutions per minute, per the manufacturer. The system includes braked castors for additional stability during operation. Both 13- and 26-pound capacities are available.