Tower Display Rolling Buffet

Eastern-Tabletop-ST1272-shelvesEastern Tabletop Mfg. Co. Inc.

Operators can transform these tower display modular systems from a back bar to action stations or to buffet display setups. Choose from two sizes with additional add-on accessories.


Grill Grease Collection

Frontline-Grill-Grease-Caddy-w72442AFrontline International Inc.

This heated grill grease system collects grill grease throughout the workday in a stainless-steel caddy positioned under the grill drains. Solids collect in a sediment basket, while a silicone heater helps prevent congealing in the transport caddy.


Fresh & Fast Cocktail Cart

Gallery-Cocktail-Cart-new-at-NAFEMGallery Carts

This cocktail cart measures 8 feet to 10 feet long and contains 1 or 2 on-tap cocktail systems, 2 consumable ice wells, 2 speed-rails, storage for supplies and a contained mobile hand sink that allows servers to pour premixed cocktails.


Rapide Cuisine Countertop Induction

HATCO169-16 Heavy-Duty-Induction ProductRelease RESIZE 20170119 01Hatco Corp.

This line of countertop induction ranges uses a magnetic system to deliver power. Other features include extra side impact protection, a scratch-hiding cooktop surface and durable construction.


Café Robusta Specialty Coffee Line

Homer-Laughlin-CafeRobustaThe Homer Laughlin China Co.

This 12-piece collection of cups and saucers is suitable for the typical volume, sizing, pouring and serving needs of coffee shops and bistros. This collection features an ivory body base. The cups are stackable. The line ranges from 3-ounce espresso cups up to 16-ounce standard coffee mugs.


Refrigerated Sandwich Tops and Mega Top Prep Tables


Refrigerated sandwich tops and mega-top prep tables measure 36 inches wide. These single-section refrigerators feature a durable stainless-steel exterior, interior walls and floors with coved corners. The pillarless door opening provides additional storage for large items.


Hot Forged Shears and Scissors

Mercer-ShearsMercer Culinary

Hot forged shears and scissors incorporate a fine-toothed blade edge along with a precision cutting mechanism. The fulcrum is situated to reduce the cutting effort, per the manufacturer, while the fine-tipped blades perforate and guide the cut. Three models are available.


Mightylite Insulated Carrier


The Mightylite is a four-pan insulated carrier that helps operators move hot and cold bulk food. The unit weighs 9 pounds and features an ergonomic 8-handle design. The unit keeps menu items at food-safe temperatures for five hours or more, per the manufacturer.


Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator

MigaliMigali Industries Inc.

Glass door back bar refrigerators include black exteriors, stainless steel tops and stainless steel interiors. Features include an LED interior light to enhance the display of product and a forced air refrigeration system that keeps beverages at an average temperature of 36 degrees F.


Rinse Station


A 3-in-1 rinse station includes an ice dump, a warm-water rinse platform and a drying/staging deck. The station rinses the inside and outside surfaces of mixing tins, mixing glasses, strainers, jiggers, wine carafes and other bar tools.


Met-ALL Induction Cooktop

Panasonic-KY-MK3500-Image1Panasonic System Communications Co. of North America

This line of induction is compatible with all metal cookware, including aluminum and copper. A sensor monitors and adjusts the heat within the cooking vessel. A memory feature allows users to save popular recipes.