Simpli-Flex Ice Cream Cone Dispenser

Tomlinson-Industries-Ice-cream-cone-dispenserTomlinson Industries

Simpli-Flex Ice Cream Cone Dispensers organize and dispense cake cones, waffle cones, sugar cones and more. These dispensers are self-adjusting to accommodate cones with a 1-3/8- to 3-3/8-inch lip diameter and hold them snugly without causing damage. The line is available in polished stainless steel and gray-tinted plastic with wall, stand, in-counter or undercounter mounting capabilities. 


MercoMax Visual Holding Cabinet

Welbilt-MercoWelbilt Inc.

MercoMax Visual Holding Cabinets combine radiant heat beneath the shelves and forced-air convection from fans above each holding zone. A 7-inch touchscreen display shows what’s being held and its status. A temperature reading is taken from inside the cabinet. 


Non-insulated Dutch Door Heater Proofer

Winholt-PR-Dutch-Door-Heater-Proofer-NHPL-1833-ECOC-2DWin-Holt Equipment

The Non-insulated Dutch Door Heater Proofer features a Lexan door designed to reduce heat loss, per the manufacturer. Adjustable heat and humidity controls are included. The cabinet has aluminum construction with corner bumpers. It provides 1440 watts of heating power. 


Insulated Humidified Cabinets

Vulcan-VHU-Humidified-CabinetVulcan, a division of ITW Food Equipment Group LLC

The VHU Series Insulated Humidified Cabinets automatically set the humidity when the temperature is set. A blower motor offers even temperature distribution. The unit includes electronic knob control with top-mounted digital display for holding at temperatures up to 200 degrees F. Field-reversible glass doors are standard. 


Colored Advance Containers

Vitamix Blue Advance-Container SplashVitamix Corp.

Advance blender containers come in a variety of colors to promote food safety by reducing the potential for allergen cross-contact. Available colors include blue, orange, purple and yellow. Each container comes with a matching colored lid. www.vitamix.com

Infant Carrier Holder

Tomlinson-Industries-Infant-Carrier-Holder-fromTomlinson Industries

Infant carrier holders keep infant carriers off the floor and closer to table height to create a stress-free dining experience for families. Features include washable webbing, radius edges and corners to keep food from collecting, and a foldable design to make storage easier. Walnut and natural finishes are available. www.tomlinsonind.com

KML-700M_J Low Profile KM Edge Cuber Ice Machine


The KML-700M_J low-profile modular cube machine measures 30 inches wide and 26 inches tall. Operators can choose from air-, water- and remote-cooled units that produce up to 756 pounds of crescent ice per 24 hours. www.hoshizakiamerica.com

HiQ eSystems Glacier


HiQ eSystems are remote environmental monitoring and reporting sensor systems. Glacier temperature sensor systems feature five-plus years of battery life, per the manufacturer. www.hiqesystems.com

M3 Data Management System (Not Pictured)

Frontline International

The M3 System (monitor, measure and manage) offers 24/7 online tracking of waste oil and helps manage fresh oil dispensing with a Smart Fresh Oil Top Off function. Automation can begin the cooking process and the system then calculates how much oil is lost in the cooking process. www.frontlineii.com

Heated Shelf Merchandisers

HSM-48-5S-foodAlto-Shaam Inc.

Merchandisers include individually controlled heated shelves that keep food warm. The manufacturer’s fanless technology provides even temperatures and the unit can accommodate such grab-and-go products as rotisserie chickens, pizzas and sandwiches. Countertop models come in 24-inch and 36-inch widths. Floor-standing units come in widths of 24, 36 and 48 inches. www.alto-shaam.com

Adjustable Table Height Upgrade

Advance-Tabco-flush mount mopsinkAdvance Tabco

With the manufacturer’s upgrade option, operators can alter the height of worktables with tubular legs from 31 to 43 inches high by turning the fold-away handle located underneath the tabletop.