Snap-N-Slide Wall Shelves

eagle groupEagle Group

Snap-n-Slide use wall brackets installed without fasteners or tools. The brackets can be mounted directly to wall studs, allowing the shelf to be adjustable on the brackets. With this design, no wall backing is necessary.


Drop-In Dry Heated Wells

hatcoHatco Corp.

Drop-In Modular/Ganged Dry Heated Wells are insulated, full-sized wells grouped in a modular fashion. The units use dry convected heat to keep hot foods at consistent holding temperatures for extended periods. Compact individual thermostatic controls regulate each well’s temperature.


Glass Door Merchandisers

hoshizaki gdm 4 3000pxHoshizaki America Inc.

This line of glass door merchandisers includes an electronic controller with LED temperature display and audio/visual alarms, a stainless steel floor, and forced air evaporator for quick temperature pull down. The silver painted aluminum cabinets feature large low-emissions multipane glass doors and interior LED lights to brightly display packaged food and beverage products. Four models are available.


Elevation Series Cube Ice Maker

ice o maticIce-O-Matic

The Elevation Series Cube Ice Maker has a 30-inch-wide space-saving design. Producing up to 310 pounds of ice per day, the unit exceeds new 2018 Department of Energy regulations. Features include BPA-free plastic and recyclable parts, antimicrobial protection and one-touch controls for sanitizing and descaling. 


Integra Dual Heat Warming System

spring usa iss 650 integra dual heat warming systemSpring USA Corp.

An overhead ceramic heat light and tempered glass warming tray together hold food between 105 degrees F and 250 degrees F. A power receptacle is in the back and three units can be daisy-chained into one 20-amp circuit. An LED lighted canopy highlights the food and acrylic can be customized with a laser engraved logo. 


Stainless Steel Beer Boxes

advance tabcoAdvance Tabco

The Prestige series Stainless Steel Beer Boxes keep bottled beer cool and within reach in a drink serving station or high-volume bar. The 18-inch deep basin is insulated with 2-pound density Styrofoam. A perforated, removable false bottom, with a 1-inch IPS drain, contains melted ice. 


Steam Free Flex Condensing Boiler

bryan steam boilerBryan Steam LLC

The Steam Free Flex Ultra-High Efficiency Commercial Condensing Boiler offers a thermal efficiency of 95 percent, per the manufacturer, with a weld-free design. It permits field access to the heat exchanger for cleaning and tube replacement. The boiler is available in knockdown configurations to fit in smaller spaces and will operate in Low Flow, Variable-Primary or traditional Primary/Secondary designs. 


Shallow Depth Back Bar Coolers

glastender ns40l bsGlastender Inc.

Remote narrow door, shallow depth back bar coolers measure 7¼ inches shallower than standard back bar cooler lines. Two, three or four 20-inch-wide doors come in a standard black vinyl-clad finish, along with stainless steel, back glass, stainless glass, laminated, laminated glass or unlaminated.


Glo-Rite Curved Display Lights

hatcoHatco Corp.

Glo-Rite Curved Display Lights feature a curved design and LED lighting for illuminating food products. The unit features unobtrusive housing, uses a small footprint and allows visibility of the food below. Operators can choose from a variety of lengths and housing colors to match decor.


Heavy-Duty Column Wine Refrigerator

perlick winecolumnrefrigeration 091117Perlick Corp.

This Heavy-Duty Column Wine Refrigerator is 7 feet tall with a 24-inch-by-24-inch footprint. It stores up to 99 bottles on adjustable shelves that can angle up or lay flat. Triple-pane, Low-E bronze-tinted glass blocks UV light. Interior LED lighting is blue and white. Stainless steel or wood overlay door finishes are available.