Griddle Stands

ContinentalContinental Refrigerator

Refrigerated griddle stands come in one-foot increments and seven sizes. These front-breathing models have the option of the side-mounted condensing unit being on the left or right. Interior and exterior finishes are stainless steel with a reinforced stainless steel marine edge top. Optional flattop or top extensions are available.


Hot/Cold Built-In Shelves

HATCOHatco Corp.

Hot/cold built-in shelves come in aluminum hardcoat and decorative stone versions. Operators can change between a heated shelf and cold shelf, depending on daypart, menu item, etc. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the shelves to transition from one mode to the other. 


Indigo NXT Modular Ice Machine

Manitowoc Indigo Ice machineManitowoc Ice-Welbilt Inc.

Indigo NXT modular ice machines incorporate a 2.8-inch icon-based user interface. Indicators display the operating status. One-touch access to asset information, service menu, reminders and alerts provide ease of operation. Auto detection of accessories, water usage settings, a one-touch icon to locate a service provider and a display lock feature to prevent unwanted tampering are included. 


Essential Nugget and Flaker

Scotsman EssentialScotsman Ice Systems, an Ali Group Co.

Essential Nugget and Essential Flaker ice machines include maintenance-free bearings and a stainless steel evaporator. The units measure 24 inches wide.


Digital Power Drawer

WinholtWinholt Equipment Group

The power drawer features a separate digital display for heating and proofing modes and is supported by a digital thermometer. LED Lights indicate the Heater Proofer is in use. The circuit breaker ensures over current protection to the heater proofer. Lights indicate low water level and low temperature.


Spec-Master Sealed Well Hot Food Tables

Eagle sht3ob120Eagle Group

Spec-Master Sealed Well Hot Food Tables with enclosed base designs feature stainless steel construction. Sealed-in heat wells allow for wet or dry applications. One-inch fiberglass insulates the heating compartments. Recessed control panels include individual controls. The unit also comes with a poly cutting board and stainless steel dish shelf. 


Glo-Ray Curved Strip Heaters

Hatco 1a GR5AL 36 GBB mountbrcktHatco Corp.

The Glo-Ray curved infrared strip heater is suitable for front-of-house applications that require heat. The unit uses the manufacturer’s prefocused heat pattern to blanket food holding areas.


KM-515M_J Modular KMEdge Cuber Ice Machine

Hoshizaki KM 515MAJHoshizaki

The KM-515M_J Modular KMEdge Cuber Ice Machine produces up to 517 pounds of ice daily. Two units placed side-by-side produce double the ice in 44 inches of floor space. The 22-inch wide icemaker comes as air, water or remote air-cooled. 


FX Series Convertible Refrigeration System

Randell FX 2WS 2Randell (Unified Brands)

The FX Series convertible refrigeration system maintains consistent beginning temperatures for holding fish, meat, frozen smoothie ingredients, milk and more. The FX-2WS-290 uses R290 refrigerant, providing both freezer and refrigerator operation in a single SNAP-compliant unit. 


Snap-N-Slide Wall Shelves

eagle groupEagle Group

Snap-n-Slide use wall brackets installed without fasteners or tools. The brackets can be mounted directly to wall studs, allowing the shelf to be adjustable on the brackets. With this design, no wall backing is necessary.