EFI-UB Grease Interceptor

FlameGardHotSideLEDFlame Gard

The Grease Interceptor continually collects grease and channels waste water through the duct system during hood/duct cleaning. This prevents grease and harmful cleaning chemicals from entering the sanitary or ground water systems.


Silicone Protective Sleeve

Tomlinson-Silicone-Faucet-SleeveTomlinson Industries

Silicone protective sleeves for S-series faucets utilizing 1-2S and 1-2SF bodies help prevent accidental burns from the faucet body while dispensing hot liquids, such as boiling water. Sleeves are made of NSF-approved silicone and feature a one-piece slip-on construction. This line reduces surface temperatures of faucet bodies by 30 degrees F, while increasing internal temperature by 13 degrees F.



Accurex-Grease-Trapper-PCU-OpenThe Grease Trapper Pollution Control Unit removes grease, smoke and odors from kitchen exhaust using a three-stage mechanical filter. Independent pressure switches signal when the three filter stages need replacing. Activated carbon panels remove odor molecules prior to discharging the air.



Hospeco-sphergo padsThe SPHERGO Surface Cleaning System utilizes a lightweight base tool with spherical ball handle that rotates for manual surface cleaning, vertical cleaning and floor care. Operators can use the ball handle as a handheld cleaning tool or pop it into an extension pole for hard to reach spots.


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