Foodservice Ice Machines: An Overview

Ice machines play a critical role in the success of countless foodservice operations. Here's a brief introduction to these pieces of foodservice equipment.

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There are three main types of ice forms: full-size, meaning actual full, square cubes as well as various other shapes that vary by manufacturer; flake ice; and nugget ice, which generically refers to ice that is smaller than full-sized cubes. The basic types of ice machines are modular, undercounter and countertop.

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Undercounter or self-contained units have the ice machine and bin attached into one compact machine. Modular units allow operators to purchase and attach an independent bin to the ice maker.

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There are ice machines that form other cube types including dice, half dice, gourmet, octagon and crushed.

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Most machines and bins are made up of stainless, aluminized steel and plastic, while copper is often used for the evaporators.

Stand-alone countertop ice dispensers for foodservice facilities are generally hand-filled. In high-volume operations, floor-model dispensers can be paired with ice machines.

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