Serving Equipment

Spec Check: Coffee Makers

Coffee brewers provide a beverage service that is essential to foodservice operations.

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Beverage Dispensers

The large and diverse beverage dispenser product category encompasses a variety of equipment for many types of drinks. In the area of carbonated beverages, foodservice operators can choose from multiple categories and equipment platforms. Ice/beverage combination units and ice/beverage countertop equipment represent the most common equipment operators use.

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Spec Check: Ice Cream Machines

Soft-serve machines can dispense ice cream, frozen custard, sorbets and frozen yogurt. This equipment is common in frozen yogurt shops, ice cream stands, cafeterias, delicatessens, bakery/cafes, and quick-service restaurants to name a few.

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Refrigerated Display Cases: An Overview

Refrigerated display cases are available in a variety of configurations with a wide range of options and refrigeration system choices.

How to Know When to Replace a Refrigerated Display Case

Refrigerated display cases can last for many years when properly maintained. Yet, there are signs that signify a unit needs to be replaced.

Refrigerated Display Case Applications

Foodservice operators can use refrigerated display cases in a variety of front and back of the house applications.

How to Specify a Refrigerated Display Case

Refrigerated display cases offer both closed and open air units for a variety of uses. Operators need to weigh the energy usage versus the convenience factor when deciding on which type is best. Here are a number of factors foodservice operators and their supply chain partners should consider when specifying these units.

Energy Efficiency and Refrigerated Display Cases

Closed refrigerated display cases are Energy Star rated, and all units offer a number of options that can help increase energy efficiency.

Open Refrigerated Display Cases

Foodservice operators use open refrigerated display cases to sell a variety of food and beverage items that must remain cool but not frozen. Examples of products these display cases can house include pre-packaged items such as salads and sandwiches and beverages.

An Introduction to Hot Food Holding Equipment

Hot food holding equipment tends to have two general applications: back of the house and merchandising holding.

Energy Efficiency and Hot Food Holding Equipment

The good news is that hot food holding equipment carries an Energy Star rating. The bad news is that this category is up for review by Energy Star and the products will need to go through a more stringent series of testing and verification steps in order to earn this much sought after rating. So the future for this product category is uncertain at the moment as foodservice equipment manufacturers continue to come to grips with the new Energy Star regulations.

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