Sanitation & Safety Equipment

Product Knowledge Guide: Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are among the most important design features of any kitchen. The performance of these systems directly impacts the working environment of the kitchen space and has a substantial impact on the operational cost of the kitchen.

Product Knowledge Guide: Warewashers

A warewasher can clean almost any item, but specific items, like plastic trays, are better suited for some units than others.

Spec Check: Pot and Pan Washers

Pot and pan washers may not be necessary for every foodservice operation, but for specific applications these units can save significant labor.

Spec Check: Undercounter Warewashers

Undercounter warewashers are typically one of the most expensive equipment pieces in a commercial kitchen and usually one of the most abused. Though compact and geared for smaller operations, these units can be complicated. Because these warewashers incorporate a number of variables, including electricity, water and chemicals, specifying the appropriate unit is key to ensuring dishware is properly cleaned and sanitized. 

The Green Side of Disposers

Disposers can provide an environmentally friendly way to eliminate food waste.

Spec Check: Disposers

Disposers provide an efficient and sanitary way to get rid of food waste. Foodservice operators should weigh a number of considerations when specifying these systems.

Maintaining a Disposer

Disposers are low maintenance systems, but inundating disposers with hard food matter and misuse can lead to significant problems.

Disposer Applications

Disposers can handle almost any kind of food waste in all types of commercial kitchens.

How to Know When to Replace a Disposer

The type of waste matter processed can affect the service life of a disposer. Depending on use, disposers can last between five and 25 years. Here are five indications that it might be time to replace a disposer.

Disposers: An Overview

Disposers can help reduce trash hauling costs, eliminate food waste odors and decrease labor by minimizing trips to the dumpster.

Spec Check: Disposers

Almost any kind of foodservice operation can use a commercial disposer to process food waste. By specifying disposers, operators can reduce garbage odors, which can attract insects and vermin to dumpsters, and these systems also can decrease the amount of overall waste, which will help lower hauling costs.

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