How to Know When to Replace a Refrigerated Prep Table

When taken care of properly, refrigerated prep tables can provide many years of service. Yet, there are signs that may indicate the unit has reached the end of its service life.

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Here are four of the more common signs that a refrigerated prep table may need to be replaced.

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Temperature Variations: If there are problems maintaining temperatures in the base or top rail of the unit after the condenser is cleaned, a new unit may be needed.

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Repair Costs: If the prep table is becoming more expensive to maintain or the cooling system is breaking down frequently, replacement may be warranted.

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Structural Changes: If doors aren't closing properly and maintaining a proper seal or there is warping on the top lids, the unit's structure may be compromised from years of wear and tear. When maintenance costs start adding up, it may be worth purchasing a new prep table.

Aging of the Finish: Rust and dents can penetrate the cabinet and expose the foam insulation. Warping and deterioration of the finish are signs of age that signify the unit most likely has reached the end of its service life.

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