Maintaining a Food Processor

Unlike other types of foodservice equipment, food processors have sealed motors and require minimal maintenance. Yet, there are steps operators should take to maximize the unit's service life.

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For optimum performance, proper food processor maintenance and cleaning are essential.

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Here are key steps to prolonging the life of these units:

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  • Clean and sanitize all parts in between uses with soap and water.
  • Wipe down the unit's housing with a damp cloth on a regular basis.
  • Foreign objects should not be put in the food processor's tube. Only the pusher may be utilized to guide food into the unit.
  • Slipping drive belts should be tightened immediately.

In the event of extreme overuse with heavy loads, motors shut off automatically to avoid permanent damage. When this happens, unplug the unit, empty out the product and let the motor cool for at least 10 minutes before resuming processing. This will aid in the motor's longevity.

All food processors have guards and safety switches that automatically turn the machine off to protect fingers when the blade is spinning. For safety reasons, operators should not handle blades with bare hands.

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