Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment provides features and benefits of all types of ovens, grills and griddles, cooktops, pots and pans, ranges, rotisseries, steamers and fryers.

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How to Maintain a Dual Technology Oven

Dual technology oven maintenance is not complicated. Still, regular cleaning and planned maintenance can increase the service life of these units.

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Energy Efficiency and Dual Technology Ovens

Dual Technology Ovens

From fine dining and quick-service restaurants to pizzerias and institutional operations, dual technology ovens can provide added menu flexibility, increase speed of service and deliver consistent results when specified properly.

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Specifying an Energy-Efficient Steamer

Cooking with steam offers foodservice operators many benefits. For example, steam has six times the energy as boiling water and it transfers that energy instantaneously. And burning and scorching tends not to be an issue because steam never gets hot enough to caramelize the product. In addition, it is possible to cook multiple menu items in a steamer because steam does not transfer food flavors, it only enhances them.

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CFESA's Service Tips for Griddles

The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association offers a series of technical tips that allow foodservice operators to troubleshoot and repair simple problems involving their gas, electric, refrigeration, and steam equipment. This article takes a look at a few steps to take to identify potential service issues with a griddle.

Commercial Ranges: An Overview

Multi-purpose pieces of equipment, ranges are a staple in most foodservice operations. Here are details on the different types of units, including the available options.

How to Know When to Replace a Range

When maintained properly, commercial ranges have a service life of 10 years or more. Here are five signs that it might be time to replace a range.

Range Applications

Ranges are capable of carrying out a number of classical cooking techniques. Here are some of the most common uses for this equipment.

How to Maintain a Range

Like all equipment, ranges need to be regularly maintained and serviced. When taken care of properly, these units provide a long, safe service life.

Energy Efficiency and Ranges

Ranges don't have Energy Star standards as of yet, but there are environmentally-friendly features available.

Spec Check: Ranges

A range is a piece of equipment that's common to most operations. And, at its most basic level, each foodservice operator uses their range for the same purpose: they need the heat it generates to cook food. As a result, specifying a range boils down to three distinct areas: features, efficiencies and labor. The importance of each area tends to differ dramatically on a case by case basis.

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