How to Maintain a Dual Technology Oven

Dual technology oven maintenance is not complicated. Still, regular cleaning and planned maintenance can increase the service life of these units.

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To lengthen the service life a dual technology oven, proper care and preventative maintenance is necessary.

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Because these ovens cook rapidly with high velocity air, they get dirtier than conventional ovens. This necessitates a daily cleaning regimen.

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When it comes to maintenance requirements, consider:

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  • Removable air filters should be cleaned regularly with soap and water.
  • In some models, the catalytic converter will require regular cleaning.
  • Some ovens have hinged radiant elements to facilitate easy cleaning underneath.
  • The inside of the oven should be wiped out throughout the day. Spills and spatters should quickly be removed.

Keep in mind that caustic cleaners should not be used on these ovens, since these could cause damage.

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