How to Maintain a Range

Like all equipment, ranges need to be regularly maintained and serviced. When taken care of properly, these units provide a long, safe service life.

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The biggest issue with range maintenance is neglect. Units that are not regularly and properly cleaned have a severely compromised service life and are a fire hazard. When properly cared for, these units can last as long as 10 years or more.

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Basic daily maintenance for ranges requires:

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  • Removing and thoroughly cleaning the grates and burners
  • Fully cleaning the burner box
  • Inspecting pilot systems, control systems and burners
  • Cleaning all surfaces

The oven base, notorious for not being cleaned regularly, also needs attention on a daily basis. In addition, drawers need to be cleaned each day, or the debris inside can become a fire hazard.

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Because control failure is caused by heat buildup, range burner heads may need occasional cleaning in order to unclog port holes.

As for griddles, plancha tops and char broilers, warm water and decent scrubbing at the end of the day will go a long way to keep these components clean. Chemicals should not be used to clean these parts.

It's important to note that ranges should never be hosed down. Water can damage the electronics and corrode non stainless steel materials.

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