How to Extend a Combi Oven's Life Cycle

Foodservice operators that take proper care of their combi ovens can generate a long service life from these multi-function pieces of foodservice equipment.

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Special attention needs to be given to cleaning and maintaining combis, due to the units' many components and sophisticated technology.

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There are basic maintenance requirements that can help extend a combi's service life. Please note that the following is a list of general maintenance requirements. The manufacturer's recommendations and requirements should always be followed.

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Ideally, combis should be cleaned daily to ensure food safety and cleanliness needs are properly met. Many units feature a self-cleaning option.

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With boiler models, standard boiler maintenance applies. And operators should periodically delime the cooking cavity.

Ensure that water used for steaming is analyzed regularly and within the manufacturer's specified guidelines.

Clean the cavity only with approved cleaners to prevent rust buildup. Keep in mind that some models recommend using special tablets rather than chemicals.

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