Walk-In Cooler Air Curtain Kit

Berner International, Corp.

Improve Walk-In Cooler Efficiencies & Reduce Food Waste with Berner Air Curtains. Use the Berner K-Zone and Walk-in Cooler Kit to save significant energy, reduce compressor run-time and refrigeration equipment wear-and-tear, and prevent food spoilage. The K-Zone air curtain works to maintain the internal temperature of the walk-in cooler during high-traffic moments or when the door is kept open for an extended period of time. The Walk-In Cooler Kit makes installation a breeze.

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Click http://www.berner.com/CoolerEfficiencyKit.php5 for more information.

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NAFEM Booth # 819
Contact: sales@berner.com
Manufacturer's Website: http://www.berner.com
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