AdvantEDGE™ bar equipment

Nor-Lake Inc.

Nor-Lake has expanded its AdvantEDGE™ bar equipment product line to include Bottle Coolers, Solid and Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerators and Direct Draw Beer Coolers. Bottle Coolers are available in three different models, NLBC50, NLBC69 and NLBC95, and vary in width from 50 inches to 95 inches. Direct Draw Beer Coolers offer five different sizes, ranging from a single-keg model, the NLDD24, which comes standard with casters, to the NLDD95, which can store five kegs and has two dispensing towers featuring two tap heads per tower. Back Bar Refrigerators come in two different versions, solid-door and glass-door models, and range in size from 59½ inches in width to 95½ inches.

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