How to Know When to Replace Grills

Grills are hot pieces of equipment with metal that expands and contracts, which can put stress on connection points.

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There are a number of consumable parts on grills, such as heating elements and burners, which are easily replaced. However, grills can show a number of signs that may signify a need to replace them.

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Repair Costs: Grills can last 10 years or more. Yet, when repair costs for these units start adding up, it may make sense to replace the equipment rather than fix it.

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Signs of Wear and Tear: Cleaning solutions and acidic sauces can wreak havoc on grill components. If the unit displays signs of corrosion, pitting and/or excessive rust, or there are holes in the burners, the equipment's operation may be compromised and replacement should be considered.

Inconsistent Results: If it takes longer for the grill to heat up or cooking results have become inconsistent, this will negatively affect food quality and/or speed of service. For older or heavily used units, this may be a sign that the unit's service life is ending.

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