Spec Check: Heated Merchandiser

One common mistake operators make is specifying a self-serve display case when a full-serve unit would be more effective and safe. Here are four considerations to weigh when purchasing a heated merchandiser.

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To help determine the type and size of a unit, review the menu items that the heated merchandiser will hold, including a breakdown by daypart. Menu-related questions to ask include: Will food be packaged to go or plated? Will there be items that require added humidity?

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A common mistake operators make is specifying a merchandiser that is too large. The space needed to accommodate food items should be established, along with the available space, before deciding on the unit's size.

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Operators need to determine whether the unit will work in a self- or full-service capacity before choosing the model for their installation.

Holding Time

The required holding time length will determine the type of heating system that is needed. Units with heated bottoms may utilize decorative heat lamps that are hung from the ceiling.

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