There are basic maintenance requirements that can help extend a walk-in's service life. Please note that the following is a list of general maintenance requirements. The manufacturer's recommendations and requirements should always be followed.

  1. Make sure the door gaskets are in good shape and replace any that are split or damaged, so cold air doesn't escape. Also, check that the door is level and doesn't have any gaps that would allow outside air to enter the storage area.
  2. Clean cooler walls and floors with a sanitizing solution consisting of one part bleach and 32 parts water (4 ounces of bleach to 1 gallon of water). Be sure to rinse with clean water and avoid letting the water soak into the floor panels through the seams.
  3. Ceilings and walls should be regularly wiped down to avoid mildew and bacteria growth.
  4. Refrain from cleaning freezers with water, which will freeze on the floor and cause slip and fall accidents. Instead, sweep freezer floors clean with a broom.
  5. Keeping condenser coils clean is a major maintenance point. If coils become clogged, they will eventually make the compressor overheat, resulting in premature failure of the refrigeration system.
  6. Remove any debris that can compromise the door seal.
  7. Once a year, empty and bring to temperature a walk-in and then clean it with a hose.