CFESA's Service Tips for Convection Ovens

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot any performance issues with a convection oven.

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The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) offers the following technical tipsto allow foodservice operators and their supply chain partners to troubleshoot and repair simple problems involving convection ovens.

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  • Do not overload the oven
  • Check that the snorkel tube is not blocked
  • Inspect blower wheel for any obstructions
  • Check door openings and closing for proper alignment and seal
  • Check that temperature is within 15 degrees F of 350
  • Do not use scouring powder/pad on glass
  • Clean door gaskets and oven interior daily using warm soapy water

Additional tips are available at

These tips are not intended for major repairs, please contact a CFESA trained technician if the problem cannot be corrected.


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