Maintaining a Refrigerated Display Case

Although maintaining refrigerated display cases is not complicated, there are a number of cleaning and maintenance protocols that can help extend the unit's service life and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Proper care and maintenance is crucial to keep refrigerated display cases operating at optimal efficiency.

There are a number of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that should be undertaken. These include:

  • Cleaning cabinets thoroughly on a weekly basis.
  • Cleaning the condenser coil, along with checking gaskets for rips, tears and a proper seal, on a monthly basis.
  • Checking fan motors, compressors and other areas for loose parts or excessive noise every three months.
  • Regularly inspecting any mechanical fasteners for loose screws.

Keep in mind that clogged condenser coils are the main cause of compressor failure, and water leaks could signify a clogged drain line. Condensation on door interiors may indicate a problem with the seal or alignment.

In glass and solid door cases, make sure the door gaskets seal and close properly and that interior surfaces are kept clean.

Look for anything in the compressor area that may affect airflow, such as paper or dirt on the condenser coil. Also, be aware of any potential service issues prior to problems occurring, such as loose casters or legs that appear to be bending.
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