Service Tips for Steamers

While combi ovens have taken the place of steamers in some operations, they can and do play an important role in many professional kitchens. Here are some tips to keeping your steamer running well.

  • Steamers rely on a well-sealed chamber to work properly. Check the hinges and the gaskets to ensure a tight fit.
  • Use only soapy water to clean the inside of the cooking chamber. Make sure to clear any food particles from the drain holes.
  • Keep an eye on the steamer's drain line. If water isn't draining properly, call your service agency to have it cleared out.
  • Scale and lime are a steamer's worst enemies. They can keep it from operating efficiently, driving up energy usage and cooking times. And by making the broiler work harder they can also shorten the unit's life. Drain the broiler and the reservoir daily, and de-lime the unit as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Related: Have your service agent check your water filtration system regularly. Water that hasn't been properly filtered can lead to a faster build-up of lime and scale.
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