Maintaining Pot and Pan Washers

Cleaning and maintenance procedures for pot and pan washers are similar to traditional warewashers. Here are six steps foodservice operators can take to extend the service life of their pot and pan washer.

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Maintenance procedures for pot and pan washers are similar to traditional warewashers. There are a number of tasks that can help ensure operators obtain a long service life from the units.

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  • Clean pot and pan washers need daily. Remove food waste from baskets or scrap screens at least once a day to ensure the unit runs properly.
  • Brush off wash arms daily for optimum results.
  • Auto pump and drain units have a sensor that can become clogged or blocked with dough, seeds and other food debris. Check this sensor periodically and wipe it with a rag monthly.
  • Regular deliming procedures should be in place or water treatment systems utilized to keep lime scale to a minimum.
  • Occasionally clean and wipe the washer's fan motor.
  • Periodically check fuses and bearings, as well as keep an eye out for leaks to make sure the machine is running smoothly.
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