Keeping the amount of grease and food debris build-up to a minimum will help extend a broiler's service life.

Maintaining broilers is vital from a safety standpoint, since excessive food debris and grease can cause dangerous grease fires and flare ups. There are a number of steps operators can take to prolong the use of this equipment.

  • Broilers need to be cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. Food debris, grease and other byproducts should be removed from the surface, interior body and bottom interior. Buildup can cause a fire hazard and lead to deterioration of the unit.
  • Grates should be cleaned daily, with cast iron dried properly to prevent rust. 
  • Water and grease pans need to be emptied daily at minimum. In high-volume operations, this task will need to be handled more frequently.
  • Radiants need to be cleaned with a wire brush on a daily basis.
  • Lava rock broiler fireboxes should be cleaned regularly, with all residue removed.
  • Food deposits should be removed from broiler burners on a regular basis.
  • Without proper and thorough cleaning, oily marinades will burn through pilot tubing with extended use.

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