There are a wide range of broilers offering different sizes and heating capabilities for specific production needs.

Menu Items:

Operators need to first determine the types of products that will be prepared on the broiler. Food type, thickness, temperature and size need to be considered when deciding which model will be best suited for production.


The amount of food being prepared at one time will determine the size broiler that is warranted. For example, steakhouses that primarily offer broiled meats will require a unit that is at least 60 inches long, while smaller restaurants or those with a more limited menu may do well with a 24- or 36-inch countertop model.

Heating Element:

For operators looking for low maintenance and back of house use, radiant broilers are generally the best bet. Restaurants that feature exhibition cooking or with specific flavor profile needs may be better off with a unit that utilizes lava rock or ceramic briquette heating elements.


Most broilers require venting hoods to prevent kitchens from becoming overheated. Operators should plan kitchen layouts accordingly to ensure the appropriate type and size hood is installed for the unit being used.

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