Blast Chiller Applications

Blast chillers can prepare food for extended storage periods, helping to cut down on waste.

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Although blast chillers commonly function as part of a cook-chill operation, these versatile units work well in other applications.

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For example, operators have used this equipment for chilling salad plates before serving. Foodservice operations with high-volume bar areas can utilize blast chillers to quickly cool wine and beer as needed. These units also can cool other beverages in a pinch.

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Gelatin desserts can be set in a blast chiller, as long as the inside air volume doesn't blow over the product. This is a benefit to high-volume operations such as schools, which can chill gelatin desserts in about 20 minutes.

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Chefs can utilize this equipment to quickly cool off hot product for easier handling.

Blast Chillers: An Overview
How to Know When to Replace Blast Chillers
Maintaining Blast Chillers
Spec Check: Blast Chillers
Energy Efficiency and Blast Chillers

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