Energy Efficiency and Blast Chillers

There is no Energy Star rating for blast chillers, which are designed to run hard for a short period of time. But that does not mean operators can't make a few energy-efficient choices.

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Blast chiller energy use varies, depending on the model. Because this equipment is designed to take product temperatures down quickly, more power is used to operate these systems compared with standard refrigeration equipment.

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Units are available with two independent cooling compartments, which provide greater energy efficiency, as smaller amounts of product can be chilled in a single compartment without cooling the entire unit.

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Although there have not been many developments in terms of increased energy efficiency, models with a mode that uses parameter modifications, which can help decrease energy usage, are available.

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Blast Chillers: An Overview
How to Know When to Replace Blast Chillers
Blast Chiller Applications
Maintaining Blast Chillers
Spec Check: Blast Chillers

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