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August 16, 2011

An Introduction to Commercial Warewashers

Almost any item can be cleaned in a warewasher but certain items are better handled in some units than in others.

How to Know When to Replace a Warewasher

Although these are cleaning machines, proper maintenance and cleaning are important to keep warewashers operating efficiently and effectively. Here are three signs that it is time to consider replacing a warewasher.

New Glastender GW24 Redefines the Rotary Glasswasher


Glastender’s new GW24 has a fill and dump cycle that uses up to 59% less water and 87% less energy than traditional rotaries. Check out this link to learn more about how Glastender is redefining the rotary Glastender glasswasher.

Warewasher Applications

Warewashers automate the process of washing and sanitizing servingware and cookware.

Maintaining a Warewasher

It is recommended that warewashers be cleaned after every shift to remove accumulated soil in the machine. And here are four other tips to extend these units’ service life.

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Spec Check: Warewashers

The quantity and type of food, along with the ware being cleaned, should be considered when specifying these units.

Energy Efficiency and Warewashers

Energy efficiency for most warewashers begins with the reduction of the amount of water that is used.


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