When to Replace: Pizza Ovens

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February 18, 2014

Pizza Ovens: An Overview

Foodservice operators can choose from a variety of options when selecting a pizza oven. Here’s a quick overview of several types of pizza ovens.

How to Know When to Replace a Pizza Oven

The service life of pizza ovens can be as long as 25 years, but averages about 10 years, depending on use. Here are four signs that a pizza oven may be near the end of its service life.

Pizza Oven Applications

Pizza ovens are versatile enough to prepare other menu items. Here are a few examples of other ways foodservice operators can use pizza ovens to execute their menus.

Maintaining a Pizza Oven

Proper maintenance and cleaning will lengthen the service life of a pizza oven. Here are seven maintenance tips that can extend the life of a pizza oven.

Spec Check: Pizza Ovens

The menu is a main consideration when choosing a pizza oven. Here are five considerations operators should weigh when purchasing a pizza oven.


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