When to Replace: Air Curtains

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November 12, 2013

Air Curtains: An Overview

Air curtains create a barrier to help regulate temperatures and repel pests. Here is an overview of this foodservice equipment segment.

How to Know When to Replace an Air Curtain

Depending on the unit and usage, air curtains can last anywhere from two to 30 years. But here are three signs that an air curtain may have reached the end of its service life.

Air Curtain Applications

Although air curtains can serve multiple functions, specific features and installation options can make certain units more effective for particular applications. Here is a closer look at the way foodservice operators use air curtains.

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Berner International

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Maintaining an Air Curtain

Like all equipment, air curtains need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to operate properly. Here are a five maintenance tips to help extend the service life of an air curtain.

Spec Check: Air Curtains

When specifying an air curtain, it’s important to look at the main goal and where the unit will be used. Here are five factors operators and their supply chain partners should consider when specifying an air curtain.

Energy Efficiency and Air Curtains

Because air curtains can help maintain heated or conditioned air temperatures, these units offer operational savings and a quick ROI.

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