When to Replace: Undercounter Warewashers

When To Replace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

February 12, 2013

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Undercounter Warewashers: An Overview

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Undercounter dishwashers are typically geared for smaller operations with low volume. These machines are sized to handle between 21 and 55 racks per hour.

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How to Know When to Replace Undercounter Warewashers

Undercounter warewashers are one of the most complicated pieces of equipment in the kitchen and should be treated as such.

Undercounter Warewasher Applications

Undercounter warewashers are geared for small to medium volume applications.

Maintaining Undercounter Warewashers

Water conditions can adversely impact warewashers, necessitating more diligence with maintenance and cleaning.

Spec Check: Undercounter Warewashers

Because undercounter warewashers incorporate a number of variables, including electricity, water and chemicals, operators need to carefully weigh their options when specifying these units.

Energy Efficiency and Undercounter Warewashers

The Energy Star rating criteria for undercounter warewashers has been recently updated.

Champion Ware Washers

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