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The Specifier is a monthly educational newsletter focused on improving the equipment knowledge base of foodservice design consultants, equipment buyers and specifiers.

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Title Published Date
Off-Premise Catering Considerations, Inside Nico Osteria and Much More 30 October 2014
The Business of Sustainability 25 September 2014
The Specifier: Designing Menus for Millennials, Starbucks Tests Food Trucks and More 28 August 2014
The Specifier: Service Expectations by Generation, Menu Design Considerations and Much More 30 July 2014
The Specifier: Unique Challenges of High-Profile Projects, Global Markets Experience Mixed Q1 Results and More 25 June 2014
The Specifier: From Parks to Airports: Developing Non-Traditional Foodservice Concepts and Much More 28 May 2014
The Specifier: College Foodservice Trends, Toolkit for Reducing Food Waste and Much More 24 April 2014
The Specifier: Facility Design Project of the Year Announced, How One Consultant Works with Manufacturers and Much More 27 March 2014
The Specifier: Designing for Central and Shared Kitchens, Profiles on Restaurant Beatrix in Chicago and Coppa Osteria in Houston and More 27 February 2014
The Specifier: The Cool Side of Coffee, Building Support for Design Projects and More 30 January 2014
The Specifier: Breaking Down 2014's Top Chef Trends, New Blog Posts and More 19 December 2013
The Specifier: Retail Refresh: Healthcare Foodservice, Creating a Shared Vision, Trends for 2014 and More 21 November 2013
The Specifier: Looking Ahead - 2014 Hospitality and Foodservice Trends, New Foodservice Consultant Blog and More 24 October 2013
The Specifier: Bar Rescue - The Beverage Business' Changing Design 26 September 2013
The Specifier: Working in Remote Locations, Food Trucks and More 29 August 2013
The Specifier: Foodservice Equipment Specification Tips from Casinos and More 25 July 2013
The Specifier: SOS: Design for Speed of Service, Five Menu Trends Impacting Design and More 27 June 2013
The Specifier: Building in Flexibility with Design and Equipment Choices and Facility Design Project of the Year 30 May 2013
The Specifier: Specifying for Sports, Lemon Grass and More 25 April 2013
The Specifier: Blending up Better Beverages - The Rise of Juice and Smoothie Bars and Applications and More 28 March 2013