The Specifier: Tips for Adopting 3D Modeling Technology for Foodservice, Sous Vide Cooking and More

The Specifier from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

April 26, 2012

Tips for Adopting 3D Modeling Technology for Foodservice

At the 2012 annual conference for FCSI The Americas April 19-21 in Kansas City, a panel presentation on Building Information Modeling (BIM) (with brand names like Revit, SketchUp Pro and Autokitchen) brought up an interesting point: To BIM or not to BIM? That is the question. Certainly, a modern-day move from AutoCAD to the three-dimensional BIM technology offers many benefits, especially as young architects entering the workforce are trained more closely on these platforms. So perhaps the question doesn’t deal as much with whether a design practice should adopt programs like Revit or Autokitchen but how best to do so.

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Is the Time Right for Sous Vide Cooking Techniques?

Cook-chill technology does not represent something new in the foodservice industry. Many operators tried it and some have been successful using it. But cook-chill generally faded from popularity because operators were not using it correctly and that compromised the food taste, quality and more, according to Chef John Biswanger of DM&A, a California-based consulting firm. “But now we are asking to do more with less to reduce costs. And we are going to need a lot of tools in our tool belt to accomplish this.”

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Master-Bilt Master Controller Option


• Electronic controller system for walk-in refrigeration systems
• New version 2.0 featuring Web2Walk-In internet access
• Reverse cycle defrost feature saves 80% energy usage over electric defrost heaters
• Saves up to 27% in total energy usage over Master-Biltall-mechanical refrigeration systems

Facility Design Project of the Month: SODO Kitchen at Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle

Equipped to show off the culinary staff’s talents and the selection of fresh, local and sustainable ingredients, this renovated café attracts both Starbucks employees and the public.

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NRA Names 2012 Faces of Diversity Award Winners

The National Restaurant Association honored three restaurant entrepreneurs with the 2012 Faces of Diversity American Dream award. The award recognizes those who have achieved the American Dream of entrepreneurship in the restaurant industry. In addition to the award, a $2,500 scholarship was given to a student in their honor.

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Draft Beer Dispensing Simplified

Micro Matic

Keg beer delivers an excellent return on investment. Micro Matic M3 System, to get a draft beer system quote simply answer three questions. The largest selection of draft beer dispensing towers in the industry, with most Micro Matic systems delivered in 1–3 days.

Going Green on a Shoestring

Washington, D.C.’s Bread & Brew proves that small, independent restaurants can afford to go green, too.

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Don’t Let Menu Innovation Kill You

Blogger Juan Martinez tackles menu innovation pros and cons and offers tips for foodservice operators looking to capitalize on menu innovation.

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Hobart Advansys Warewashers

FE&S Energy Star and LEED Webcast

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